“I have always had a massive interest in food, but don’t think I managed to fully understand the difference between what I want and what my body actually needs. This is where Ri stepped in.  She has been a massive pillar of strength and support alongside this full bucket of new knowledge.  In the last 6 weeks, I have lost weight, cleaned up my skin, had a surge of energy, and a massive change in my habits (which is generally the issue).

There are times I fear food and worry about whether I will “get fat" but Riyana is supportive and realistic in her ways and oddly enough, encourages me to treat myself.  Honestly?  I would not have been able to do this without her and if there is someone I would vouch for to teach you the foundation and then drill in sustainability- it would be her. Thank you Ri, you have genuinely and very cheesily, changed my life- You are a legend!"

– Bharisha

“A miracle – That’s what Riyana means to me.

I have had deep personal issues with my body weight and self-image post-pregnancy.
It was already 5 years and I was at my most helpless, hopeless self … That’s when I chanced upon Riyana on Instagram.  Something about the way she was explaining stuff appealed to me.

Today I have lost weight yes, still a long way to go – but most important I’ve never felt so healthy overall, and this feeling comes from a deep understanding of my body and food.  Riyana has an amazing calmness about her which makes whatever you need to do feel easy. (and no, Clean-in-15 per se is not easy)

There are 4 things that really distinguish her from anyone else I have tried

1) She equips you with the practical stuff and not just theory.  “Eat fewer carbs, yes – but how!?"  If enough hasn’t been said about Riyana’s recipes let me just say THEY ARE THE BEST in the world.  They are half the reason why I still find myself able to follow a clean diet ( largely)

2) There is a lot of knowledge and depth behind the guidance…and it’s very simply explained so that you really get behind the why of the what.

3) In my 1-on-1 interaction she gave the right space, yet nudges at the right time which made me feel super comfortable

4) the holistic approach!! It’s more than just food, it’s a lifestyle.  I am sleeping SO much better and I overall feel so much lighter and have a spring in my step! It’s like my lense to the world changed

Thank you Riyana.  You have been ( and will continue to be) a super guide and friend. And I know it sounds like a cliche – but I am so grateful for the difference you brought to my life…  Thank you for making me realize that I COULD bring a change to myself – a chance that I will always be grateful for."

– Parnil

“I worked with Riyana 1-1 for a few weeks post the clean-in-15 and loved my time with her. The clean-in-15 gave me the push I needed in the right direction, and my 1:1 allowed me to really hone in and focus on my personal health and wellness goals with Riyana. She was a great coach and a phenomenal source of support. I’ve learned so much from her and I feel so much lighter and more energetic. I’ve worked with a few different nutritionists in the past, but Riyana’s constant WhatsApp support and phenomenal recipes really set her apart. She’s also very approachable and understanding and her personality instantly made me feel comfortable with her! Riyana, thanks for empowering me with the right tools and showing me so many tips and tricks. I’m so grateful for our time together."

– Ekta

“They say you’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. And that’s the one thing I learned through Riyana’s program- to change the way I think about food and the relationship I have with it. I no longer let the craving or desire to eat something lead me- instead, I work the other way, and try and understand what exactly my body wants and then react.

I am pretty knowledgeable about eating healthy, clean, and moving regularly. Being in my 40s and a working mother of 3 young children, I thought fatigue was part of the package and even with a good night’s sleep, three healthy-ish meals, some exercise, and of course lots of coffee, I wondered why I couldn’t wake up feeling fully rested. I also almost always hit a slump in the afternoon and would compensate with more coffee and adding stress to my body. When I did the first consultation with Riyana, it was purely about getting my energy levels balanced. She succeeded in guiding me through and removing triggers from my diet and lifestyle.  I then went on to do the Clean-in-15,  where I was drilled to put a lot of what I learned into action.   You have to take ownership of what you eat, drink, and do. You then link it to how you feel emotionally and physically. Riyana is meticulous with the planning in terms of dishes to eat for each meal, the gaps in between and is guiding you all the way through the program. The best part of it was the food- I finally got back into the kitchen making my own meals after a long time and it was so delicious.  The recipes provided and fantastic and you can implement them into your daily life for the family and reproduce the methods to ensure you stick to the Whole30 philosophy. I am a lot more conscious of everything I eat, I am in control of what I do when I feel hungry and can clearly distinguish between hunger, craving, and just plain old boredom. I have been introduced to a lot of nutrient-dense foods, supplements, superfoods, and a whole new way to look at food and the relationship it has with your mind."

– Disha

“Before starting Riyana’s program I was 150kg+ and I thought that diet food was boring and bland.  Indeed I didn’t think I would last because my idea of dieting was negative.  Riyana changed that.  She taught me that I can cook lots of delicious food simply by substituting one or two ingredients – for example, bread crumbs for almond flour.  Because of her advice and with her encouragement I have lost 21kgs so far and it has stayed off.  I have learned to shop better, eat better and live better, and continue with my progress thanks to Riyana."

– Lucas