Clean-in-15 transformation stories

I got my period a week early. I was feeling a bit off the past couple of days (explains the cravings) but I had no idea it was due to my period because my PMS  usually starts over a week in advance and I am in severe pain that I sometimes take a day or 2 off work (Endometriosis). Today for the first time in years (probably over 10 years) I haven’t been stuck in bed. Usually my whole body is in severe pain including my joints, muscles, and my fatigue and crazy sharp pains in my lower tummy and back is another level due to the inflammation in my body. I’m really shocked and amazed at not having any of those issues besides just some cramps which are totally bearable. I mean is this what having a period is like for most females?! I’m just 😱 at the difference. I’m actually not looking forward to introducing “naughty” foods back into my body just yet. Also today I met someone I haven’t seen in a month and the first thing he said was “wow you have lost weight!” I haven’t heard those words in almost over 1.5 years now 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

– Viveka

I am very much still eating like you’ve taught me. My self control has improved  tremendously as I am loving the effect on my mind and body. The positives for me from learning your way of clean eating has been
1. Better energy during the day
2. Lesser headaches
3. A feeling of happiness over my food choices
4. Delicious recipes
5. Weight loss and ability to maintain it.


– Diya

I became seriously ill on January 12th 2016 and was put on steroids for 2 years. I then got sick 7  months ago which put me under another specialist and wreaked havoc on my body again including hair loss and inability to eat. I tried lots of alternative therapies but needed to get back to the basics of of taking care of what goes into my body. That’s how I was introduced to you Riyana.
It’s an understatement to say you have changed my life. I came into the Clean-in-15 group program knowing I would reap benefits because I have done detoxes and clean eating before; however it was always short lived. I was introduced to you knowing it was a need to change my health and to have a better life. I wanted to improve my energy, sleep habits, but most importantly my overall health and not live on autopilot after dealing with the aftermath of a serious illness and stress.
Working with you was not just about learning how to nourish my body with food; it was about the psychology of it, eating habits, lifestyle habits and wellbeing. I noticed changes for the better from day 1. That’s not to say I didn’t have my struggles and my downs. I had flare ups of old conditions, energy dips, and some sickness. But my body was better at handling them. The impact those 2 weeks had on my health made me realise I needed more time and personalized objectives. The benefits became most noticeable, inside and out by week 4, proven by people’s comments and how I was feeling.
Just as a medical condition changed my life, you changed it too and for the better, so there has been nothing about this journey that i short lived.
You have made me aware and human again. Whilst I am nervous continuing this journey without you, I now know who I can turn to if I need guidance again in the future.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


– Lai Mon

Hi Riyana, just wanted to text you a thank you message and let you know how appreciative I am of this program and all of your support during these past 15 days. Your program was so well put together and the food was so delicious – I could never imagine a carb lover like me waking up and looking forward to kale salad and cauliflower falafel. Thank you for always being there to support us whenever we had questions or needed guidance. On a personal note – I wanted to let you know just how in awe I am with this program because it allowed me to discover so many things about my body that I never otherwise knew were affected by my diet. For example – I have HORRIBLE white patches on my shoulder that I thought were caused by sunburn. Needless to say I hated wearing tops that showed my shoulders because I was so embarrassed by the spots. I can’t express to you my amazement when I checked the spots today – only to realise they are almost ENTIRELY gone!!! They were definitely objectified by my diet, buy just 15 days of your program and I am already feeling so much more confident.


– Elliana

Wanted to share with you my comparison of my anti-thyroglobulin test done in June verses recently done in September. I have made progress, small steps but it is an achievement to me! I am deeply grateful that I found you and your program. It has definitely changed my  perspective of eating clean using wholesome ingredients and incorporating to my daily life. Still taking baby steps to incorporate these changes and most importantly influencing my family to change their eating and cooking habits. Thank you Riyana! Thank you for guiding me to finally understanding my body in my forties! 😂 Never too late I guess.”


– Diana

This is not the first time I’ve tried to control my sugar and carb intake. But this is the first time I’ve been able to do it without really missing them as your recipes have been tasty and satisfying. And because I’ve been able to stick to the plan for now 2 1/2 weeks. I’ve noticed so many positive changes in my skin, body (I’m down almost 4kgs 🤯), bloating and cravings which is a huge win. I plan to stick some parts of the plast at least through the week so that I can indulge in my foodie desires over the weekend. I was frankly not expecting to have such a positive experience through the whole program (I hate diets, I’ve always had an eat it-burn it philosophy. But as I creep towards 40, the burn ain’t so easy). Thanks to you and this lovely group for everything!


– Chris

Riyana you have definitely changed my mindset about “clean eating”. I managed to drop a few kgs along the way without trying which was an added bonus. But the best thing to come out of this is that my little 5 year old is also eating nutritious healthy food without a fuss!
Thank you so much!


– Shubha

Thank you Riyana! Your guides are clear, very specific and take any fear out of the unknown out. And your recipes are beyond delicious – It’s not only made the program easy, but shown that clean eating is a sustainable way of daily eating. Feeling fantastic and have recovered so much of my energy through this prgram – my work is intesne and long, and finally feel like my body is getting the right fuel to support that intense mental workout.


– Abhilasha

The Clean-in-15 really helped me get my acne under control. I stuck to the program for about 3-4 weeks more and some really stubborn acne finally went away after years! Thank you, your program is a huge part of my acne journey 🙂


– Megha

Hi Ri, thanks so much for everything! Honestly I was a bit skeptical about the whole change in diet thing to hep with my fibromyalgia given there is no “cure” but this whole experience has changed my mindset completely. The other day someone said I looked like I have my spark back in my eyes and that’s definitely because of this amazing program! Can’t thank you enough. I’ll never look at ingredients the same way again and have made better choices with what I pick now. Looking forward to taking this experience throughout my journey.


– Viveka

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© 2022 Healthy-ish & Happy