Your guide to eating better and feeling great in 15 days

Tired of not feeling and looking your best?
Want to improve your relationship with food and reset from the inside out? This might just be what you need.
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Next cohort:

2nd September 2024

28th August 2023

I believe living a nourished life doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing because life is about balance and finding what works for you.

- Riyana Rupani


Clean-in-15 is a cohort-based online nutrition program created by Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Riyana Rupani. In this program, you will learn to reset your relationship with food through a three-part protocol: Release, Replenish, Renew. The process involves a holistic approach that considers aspects of your physical and emotional well-being in order to help you feel your best.

This program can help those who have

Digestive issues

Such as IBS, colitis, heartburn, reflux, constipation, bloating and GERD.

Gut related issues

Such as autoimmune conditions, food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, chronic fatigue, anxiety, skin flare ups, joint pain.

Hormone imbalances

That cause issues such as PCOS/PCOD, mood swings, weight gain, acne, irregular or painful periods.

Issues related to blood sugar regulation

Such as pre diabetes, diabetes, energy issues and poor sleep.

Simply want to understand and improve your relationship with food

How does Clean-in-15 work?


In the Clean-in-15 program, you will follow an elimination protocol where you eliminate food groups that cause systemic inflammation, blood sugar dysregulation, hormonal imbalances and gut disruption.


During the program you are under trained supervision and are given daily individual nutritional guidance and answers to all your unique questions and needs.


The focus is on learning what goes into your food, how food groups are combined and consumed, how to combat cravings, and the impact of food on your mental and physical health.


You will be equipped with delicious and wholesome recipes with a fun and supportive community on whatsapp to keep you motivated along the way.


After 15 days, the foods that were eliminated are safely reintroduced in your diet over the course of a week, and you will come out of the program with a strong understanding of what foods work best for you along with tips and habits that are sustainable for life after the program.


The point of the program isn’t to eat a limited diet forever, but to better understand what foods work and don’t work for your individual body and lifestyle.

What are the other benefits?

A better understanding of food and its impact on the body.

Learning how to balance your plate, your day, your week to fuel your goal.

Learning what foods work and don't work for you.

Getting off the sugar roller coaster.

Better energy, clarity and sleep.

Better digestion and assimilation of your food.

Getting out of the fad diet culture and simply learning to eat in a way that works for you.

Improved relationship with food.

Feeling more confident.

Lesser mood swings and cravings.

Kickstart gut healing.

Reduced skin flares, acne and allergies.

Reduced physiological stress on the body.

Relief from bloating.

Improved hormonal balance.

What’s included in the Clean-in-15 program?

Next cohort:
Next cohort:

2nd September 2024

28th August 2023


US $300.00


Clean-in-15 transformation stories

It’s time to try the Clean-in-15 program if

You feel like you've tried them all

Ditch dieting myths with extensive guides that will teach you the proper ‘hows’, ‘whys’, and ‘whats’ of choosing more nutritious alternatives and cooking ingredients, while helping you build and maintain personalized healthy eating goals.


Learn how to keep your cravings at bay while mitigating the sluggish effects of a poor diet with over 30 delicious, family-friendly recipes (for both non-vegetarians and vegetarians) that will give you renewed vigor.


You’re fazed by all the information out there and need guidance on how to cut through the noise to make better food decisions with reliable, tailored and personal advice that will set you up for success even after the program ends.


Real-time advice from Riyana and support from fellow participants will help keep you accountable so you can beat the cycle of cheat-and-repeat and journey successfully towards sustainable, healthier eating habits.

About Riyana

Hey there!

I’m a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (NTP), Mom of 3 boys, Recipe Developer, and a lover of all things FOOD! My passion is cooking, developing delicious healthy recipes, and teaching others about the power of real food, lifestyle, and mindset.   I believe living a nourished life doesn’t have to be all or nothing because life is about balance and finding what works for you.   My goal is to help you on your healing journey, one step and one delicious bite at a time! Lots of love,

“Group coaching is a wonderful way to start your wellness journey because well, there is strength in numbers! The best part of a group reset is that you will not only have my support, but from others on the same journey as you.”

“Group coaching is a wonderful way to start your wellness journey because well, there is strength in numbers! The best part of a group reset is that you will not only have my support, but from others on the same journey as you.”
– Riyana Rupani


Still not sure if this is the program for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

While participants do experience weight loss, we focus more on NSVs (Non-Scale Victories). The program is not for anyone looking for rapid, unsustainable weight loss. Instead, we dive into understanding the root causes of excess weight and jumpstart the weight loss process by addressing them head on. The program will arm you with the knowledge to make better food & lifestyle decisions to sustainably achieve your weight goals.
Fortunately, no! We have updated the program to include men as the underlying principles of the Clean-in-15 are universally applicable to anyone looking to make sustainable diet and lifestyle changes. If you have more questions, reach out to me at
Embarking on the Clean-in-15 is a commitment that requires planning. All the information you need to prepare for the program will be made available in your library 2 weeks prior to the official start date; make sure to review the guides at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure your pantry (and fridge) is well-stocked with Clean-in-15-compliant essentials.
Yes, there are many recipes and a dedicated meal plan for vegetarians. In fact, the first three days of the meal plan for everyone in this course is plant-based! Certain lentils and legumes are allowed, as well as organic non-GMO tempeh for vegetarians. The principles behind the Clean-in-15 protocol are universal regardless of dietary preferences and restrictions. The recipes provided in the guide for vegetarians can be modified to support a vegan diet.
Portion recommendations are given; however, Riyana emphasises the importance of listening to your body and understanding your hunger and fullness cues as everyone’s size, shape, and activity levels are different, resulting in different portion needs. You will be taught to understand macronutrients and how to create balanced meals that will leave you sated.
Yes, alcohol should be avoided over the 15 days as this plan also helps detox your body.
Don’t worry you will be allowed to defer once, to only the next upcoming cohort. Do note that for this deferment option to be granted, you would have to inform the team BEFORE the program kicks off. If you fail to do so, we will not be able to defer your enrolment. Please note, we will strictly not be able to issue a refund if you decide not to proceed with the program.

"We don’t just focus on what you eat, but how you eat, why you eat, and when you eat as well."

– Riyana Rupani
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