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What’s up Honey

It’s sweet, delicious, and full of good stuff, but choosing the right one can be confusing!

Honey is a delicious natural sweetener with proteins, enzymes, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and antibacterial & antifungal properties. It can help to heal a multitude of ailments from acne to gut health.

But when choosing honey, all the options out there can leave your head spinning! Here are a few tips for the next time you are on your honey search. (FYI – I'm not even gonna touch Manuka in this post, cause that's a whole other topic, but you can think of it as honey with superpowers!)

How to choose your honey

  1. Even if the front of the label says “pure honey", you want to read the back of the label and make sure the only ingredient is honey

  2. Go for honey in glass jars. Honey is fragile and not as stable in plastic (same as your cooking oils & fats)

  3. Go Raw or go home! Many of the honey options we see in the store are clear and easy to squeeze from a container. This type of honey is usually pasteurized to create a quick-flowing syrup. While this may be convenient, it damages the honey. Pasteurization uses high temperatures which destroy enzymes and vitamins found naturally in honey (just like milk!).

  4. Low water content – If you turn your jar upside down and see fast-rising air-bubbles, the water content is probably higher than it should. The more water in your honey, the more susceptible it is to yeast and fermentation.

    I hope you guys found this helpful! Always remember, even amazing natural sweeteners like honey are a form of sugar so enjoy in moderation!

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