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Love The Wines That Love You Back

If you're like me and love your wine but hate the "wineover" that can sometimes come with it, I have a few strategies for you!

I often get asked how to drink smarter, so I hope these tips on wine help!

1.  Look for wines labeled as dry or bone dry.

2.  Ask for wines that are European, biodynamic, and organic. These wines tend to have a lot fewer chemicals, sulfur, pesticides, and other nasties!

Regions such as:
– Loire Valley, France
– Piedmont, Italy
– Burgenland, Austria
often practice biodynamic farming even though the bottle might not say it.

3.  Look for wines that are lower in alcohol (<12.5%) so you can avoid the residual sugars that come with higher alcohol types.

4.  Make friends with your local wine shop owner, they can help navigate you on the above tips without you having to go on a scavenger hunt!

5.  Check out It's the best online resource for natural wines.

6.  Look for bars and restaurants that serve natural wines. If you are in Singapore, Bar CichetiCure, and Drunken Farmer are great.

7.  Check out the app Raisin for finding natural wine producers globally, and if you are in the US, to find places in your area that serve natural wines.

Remember to always enjoy responsibly!

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