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What it’s doing to your sleep & health, and a simple way to help.

I got Lasik eye surgery done about 12 years ago, so why am I choosing to wear glasses now??

I personally think they look super cute and they totally get me into my work mode BUT, the most important reason… They block that damn blue light that can reck your sleep, and therefore reck your health!

Sleep is the time your body rests, repairs, detoxes, and mentally processes and prepares for life! So yeah, sleep is that important. Without a good night’s sleep (7-9 hours), your physical and mental health will take a toll. For those of you who are doing “just fine” on 6 hours or less a night, I assure you that your adrenals picking up the slack and eventually they are gonna burn out.

Even for those of us who make it to bed at a decent hour, we find it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep.

There are many factors that go into our ability to get a goodnight's rest but one of the biggest factors affecting our sleep today is the constant exposure to blue-light. So where is all this blue light coming from? Blue light comes from all around us, but our biggest source is from our screens and electric white lights (think tube lights or bright light bulbs in our homes).

Studies show blue-light inhibits the production of melatonin, a hormone that is essential in regulating our circadian rhythms and also is essential for sleep.

At the same time, blue-light inhibits melatonin, it also stimulates the production of cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone we need to get us up in the morning and helps us respond to stressful situations. Our cortisol levels should be lowest at night. If it’s not, you’ll probably be tossing & turning throughout the night and have your mind racing with thoughts and emotions.

In a perfect world I would recommend avoiding screens and artificial lights for at least 2 hours before bed, but let's be real, I know many of us unwinded by scrolling on Instagram or enjoying some evening Netflix sessions (including myself), and unfortunately, some of us also have to work long after the sun goes down. I get it.

If you can avoid the screens & devices, and light your house with candlelight post sundown, awesome! If not, I strongly suggest investing in a pair of blue-light blocking glasses. Wear them once the sun goes down or better yet, whenever you are working on your computer or spending a lot of time on any device.

I personally love my blue-light blocking glasses and they have made a world of difference in regards to eye fatigue, screen headaches, and getting me a goodnights rest!

Want the glasses I am wearing? Here is the link for you.

Amazon Singapore – Here

Amazon US/UK – Here

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