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Quick guide to Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most powerful minerals and studies estimate about 80% of us are actually deficient in it!

If you suffer from blood sugar dysregulation, acid reflux, anxiety, depression, headaches, osteoporosis, kidney stones, heart disease, migraines, pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, cholesterol, hypertension, PMS, PCOS, trouble sleeping, constipation, sore muscles…⁣ ⁣⁣⁣& the list goes on…⁣

Eating magnesium-rich foods & ensuring your absorbing through proper digestion can help, but limiting foods that rob your body of magnesium like coffee, sugar, & alcohol is also important. (FYI-For every 1 molecule of sugar consumed, the body needs 56 molecules of magnesium to process it. A high-sugar & refined carb diet drains our magnesium reserves!)⁣

Many of us can benefit from this powerful mineral but taking the right form can be the key to unlocking its benefits. Here's a quick guide.
⁣Magnesium Glycinate is wonderful for general relaxation, headaches, sleep disruptions, and anxiety.

Magnesium Citrate has a mild laxative effect, so good for constipation and aiding digestion.

Magnesium flakes & Magnesium Oil (Magnesium Chloride) is great for athletes and anyone who suffers from cramps, spasms, & sore muscles.  A bath with magnesium flakes is not only relaxing but also wonderful for aiding the body with detoxification .

Magnesium Threonate can cross the blood-brain barrier & is good for attention deficit, mood issues, & cognitive function.⁣
⁣Magnesium Malate is used for strong pain relief & chronic fatigue. Malic acid is a key component of several energy-making chemical reactions in the body. ⁣ Take this in the AM
⁣Magnesium Orotate is often used to support the heart.⁣

Magnesium is a wonderful mineral that can help us in so many ways  but making sure you are using the right form for you is key!

Hope you found this helpful!

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I knew magnesium glycinate was good for sleep but this is super helpful. I like your blog. I wish more people where holistic in the states. Thank you!

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