The Healthy-ish & Happy Holiday Gift Guide Guide 2020!

It’s that time of year again, and what’s better than giving the gift of health right?

I’ve got you covered! From secret Santa & stocking stuffers to under the tree item’s that all have the wellness of your loved ones in mind!

I personally always find it challenging buying presents during the holidays. I want to be thoughtful and at the same time buy something my friends and family will appreciate. I’m not sure about you, but everyone around me always seems to be on a post-holiday health-kick, so why not give a gift that will help them along the way. Mindfulness, cooking, and lifestyle, I’ve got you covered.

This year, I am organizing my guide a little differently.

I love the concept of getting your loved ones something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read!  So that's what I am giving you!  Let's get started!  For easy navigation, I've provided links for both the US and SG if different.


All about great kitchen tools and beauty!

  • The Instant Pot (US link, SG link) – I got mine last year and LOVE IT! From making stews to curries to perfect boiled eggs to yogurt, the options are endless! Seriously amazing at cutting your time in the kitchen.
  • Moka Pot (US link, SG link) –  Who doesn't love a good cup of coffee or espresso in the morning?  Make your espresso like the Italian's do and get that perfect cup without the need for bulky and expensive coffee gadgets.
  • Bodum double glass glasses (US link, SG link) –  Because you'll want some pretty glasses to drink your amazing coffee out of!
  • Electric Milk Frother (US link, SG link)- great for lattes, cappuccinos, or warming up bone broth without using a pot! One of those convenience products which will have you wondering how you went this long without one!
  • Handheld Beverage Whisk (US link, SG link) – I literally use this daily for whipping up either my ghee coffee or when making an evening cup of matcha.  This little thing is a keeper!
  • Beautiful bowls from No Crumbs Left (Global link) – These beautiful bowls can make even an average meal special.  I'm a big believer in giving your food love and serving it up in beautiful dishes like these is an easy way to do just that.
  • Virtual Beauty Session with Karuna Chani of KC Makeup (Global link) – Karuna is like a makeup and skincare guru.  I thought my makeup and skincare game was pretty decent but after my consultation with her, I've made changes that have made a big difference!  e-mail for more info.
  • Pore Vacuum (US link, SG link) – Because who doesn't want clearer skin.  This one is on my list this year!


reducing toxins in our life, getting a good night's sleep, ways to reduce anxiety and stress, and more. Here are some of my favorite lifestyle products.

  • Cast Iron Cooking Set – (US link, SG link) There is no time like the new year to get rid of old cooking pots and pans that might not be the best for your health. Many of us have been using cookware made of materials like aluminum and Teflon that are toxic at high heat levels. Starting with a few good quality pots and pans like cast iron is the way to go. These pots and pans will last for years if not generations, so you can consider them an investment!
  • Non-toxic nonstick cooking set  (US link, SG link)-  Love your nonstick pans but don't want all the toxins that come with them?  Try this non-toxic cookware by Greenpan.
  • Spices from Indian Spice Box (Global link) – There is nothing like cooking with pure and good quality spices.  I love the quality, not to mention the beautiful packaging from Indian Spice Box.  This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves cooking or is a foodie.
  • The 5 Minute Journal (US link), or a lovely personalized journal by Kalloodling (global link), – In a fast-paced life and with so many things to keep us busy and distracted, it’s easy to lose track of what’s important to us. Journaling can be a wonderful tool to help clear our thoughts and focus on what’s important to us. Journaling is a great way to be more mindful and in-tune with our thoughts.
  • Essential Oils – Vibrant Blue Essential Oils (Global link) – I swear by these oils! These oils are made in small batches and the blends are completely spot on! I found they help quick and incredible relief. My favorites are Parasympathetic – I use this when I feel stressed or before eating to help get into the “rest and digest” mode. Circadian Rhythm – great before bed to help you with a good night sleep. Liver – cause our liver is always hard at work and needs all the support it can get. Adrenal – to support the adrenal glands through all the day-to-day pressures that can impact my energy levels & hormone balance. Essential oils are a gentle way to support your health. If you are in Singapore, check out our local brand Ollie. They pride themselves on their quality and they currently have some beautiful gift boxes.
  • Acupressure Mat (US link, SG link)– This is a great tool for de-stressing and for a post-workout muscle relaxer. It also does wonders if you have a stiff back or neck along with some magnesium!
  • Philips Sunrise Alarm Clock – (US link, SG link) This one is a game-changer for waking up on winter mornings when it’s still dark outside or in Singapore when it’s always dark outside before 7! My eldest started a new school this year which meant 6 AM wake-ups for us. For those of you who might not know, it feels like the middle of the night at 6 AM in Singapore all year. This alarm clock helps with circadian rhythm and AM cortisol production as it gently wakes you up with sunlight simulation before an alarm sound of your choice goes on.
  • 2021 Astrology Planner (International link) – If you know someone like me who needs to stay organized and loves to know what the stars have in store  for you, this is the perfect gift. From the creator: “The mission of The Aligned Life Planner is simple: help motivated people who already respect nature & the stars, stay more connected to it while manifesting their goals. I hope to inspire you to stay connected with mother earth and the cosmos while getting aligned with your greater purpose.”
  • Personal Care products – Great for stocking stuffers!!
    • Green Tidings Non-toxic deodorant (US link, SG link) –  It's always hot in Singapore and our armpits are a big part of our lymphatic system.  We definitely need deo over here, but we can do without all the toxins that go in there too!  This little gift is wonderful as a stocking stuffer!
    • Earthpaste Natural non-fluoride toothpaste (US link, SG link) – You use toothpaste every day and most are filled with tons of chemicals.  changing up your toothpaste is an easy way to reduce some of your toxic burdon ASAP.  This the brand I personally use.
    • THINX period underwear (US link, SG link) – Not only good for you but good for the environment.  A serious gamechanger for that time of the month.  Just imagine never having to worry about pads and tampons again!


Not much in regards to clothes but put some of this stuff on to feel your best!

  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses (US link, SG link) – We spend way too much time in front of screens, laptops, smartphones, TV, and other devices. They are everywhere, and I get it, it's just part of life today. Unfortunately, these devices emit something called blue light. Our bodies need blue light to a certain degree, but the amount we get can be harmful. Blue light suppresses the production of melatonin, making it harder for us to sleep at night, it also can cause eye strain, headaches, and long-term eye damage. I personally wear blue light blocking glasses anytime I am in front of the computer for long periods. I love the brand Cyxus. They are affordable, come in a ton of fashionable options, and most important they do their job!
  • Amber Glasses (US link, SG link) – If you are spending too much time in front of screens at night, you might want to up your game with these amber glasses which block out even more of those rays we don't want at night.  I totally get the post-sunset scrolling through Instagram, and enjoying some Netflix but what you think is relaxing you, can actually be winding you up.  I can guarantee you will get a better night's sleep because of these glasses.
  • Fitbit (US link, SG link) – Keep your loved one motivated to get fit. Movement is a definite part of anyone's wellness journey.  The Fitbit is a wonderful way to remind ourselves to keep moving. Get that heart rate up, and those steps in every day!
  • Hair Candy from Wow What Wear (Global link) –   I have been loving the headbands from Wow What Wear.  So pretty, affordable, and great for any age.  They make a great stocking stuffer.  I have literally been using mine daily!
  • Bala wearable fitness band bracelets (US link, SG link) – Adding just a bit more resistance to your workout can make all the difference.  I love the fact that these are not only upping my workout but also look great!
  • Nail Wraps (SG link) – If you can't make it for that manicure, this is a wonderful DIY  way to get perfect nails at home.  So easy to put on and take off, no waiting for them to dry and they always look great!  These are another great stocking stuffer!


I personally love getting books as gifts. Knowledge is power, and nothing beats the gift of knowledge + who doesn't love some really good cookbooks!

  • Happy Weight (US link, SG link)- The author of this book Daniele Della Valle, is not only a friend but a mentor.  This book is life-changing.  “Happy Weight changes the weight loss game! Set up as an “anti-diet" manifesto of mindfulness, self-love, body image, and real nutrition. The body-positive movement is on the rise and women are listening."
  • It Starts With Food (US link, SG link)- This book changed my life and the way I look at food. If you haven’t heard of the Whole30, it’s an amazing 30-day health reset that will not only change the way you eat but also the way you look at food. If you are looking to get you or your loved ones to understand how our bodies work and what impact the food we choose to eat impacts us, this book breaks it down and keeps it real.
  • The Yoga of food (US link, SG link) – “The Yoga of Food invites you to explore contemplation prompts and meditations that will help you create a deeper appreciation of the body's health and vitality".
  • Starseed Oracle Cards & Guides (US link, SG link)- If you are someone wants to get in touch with their inner self, who finds it hard to sometimes put a finger on how they are feeling and why Oracle cards can be what you are looking for.  Giving direction, purpose, and reason from the universe.  I recently started using oracle cards and find them so helpful when feeling stuck, unclear, and unmotivated.   They help to see things from a different perspective.
  • Cookbooks!!  Here are some wonderful clean eating cookbooks you are sure to love!
  • No Crumbs Left (US link, SG link)
  • The Defined Dish (US link, SG link)
  • Buck Naked Kitchen (US link, SG link)
  • The Smoothie Project (US link, SG link)

I hope these suggestions gave you some inspiration either for gifts for your loved ones or yourself! Happy shopping friends!

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