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Natural Ways to Support Your Immune

Prevention is always better than cure (especially if there isn’t one!)

At this point in time, as I write this post, we are dealing with a very scary health threat globally, but more so here in Asia. The Coronavirus, otherwise known as the Wuhan Virus seems to be gaining momentum and is creating fear around the globe.

Wuhan seems to be generally affecting those with a weakened immune or those with underlying health conditions. Given there is no cure for this virus the best thing we can all do is work on ways to support our immune and prevent the virus from affecting us. I’m going to share with you the measures I am taking with my family. I hope they help all of you stay safe during this scary time.

Lifestyle & General Hygiene

  • Washing hands – We have doubled up on our hand-washing at home. When you have little kids, it’s literally like you have little germs running around! Washing hands as soon as we come home from anywhere is a must.

  • Hand-Sanitizers – I personally am not a fan of store-bought hand-sanitizers. Instead, I have made our own spray version and carry it with us everywhere. I have also ordered small 10 ml glass bottles so the kids can take this with them in their school bags. Here is what you need.

    Simply mix all ingredients and spray when needed.

  • Sleep – Getting your 7-9 hours of sleep is crucial for immune health. Your body just isn’t going to function optimally if you aren’t rested.

  • Reduce Stress – easier said than done, I know, but again, stress taxes your immune

  • Avoid crowded places – We are personally avoiding play gyms, hotels, and tourist attractions for a while


I strongly suggest getting your nutrients from food first but when we need extra support, good supplements are a big help. Here is what we are currently using to keep our immunes functioning optimally. All of these vitamins are essential for immune and gut health (remember your gut houses a major part of your immune. You can read more on that here)

  • FOOD

  • Drink Bone Broth! Tons of nutrients and the number one gut superfood! Here is my simple recipe.

  • Eat Garlic – Garlic has been used for centuries to fight bacteria and viruses. Only thing is, you have to be taking the garlic in its raw form or as close to it as possible. You have a few options.

    • some cut it into pill size portions and swallow it like a tablet

    • you can mince it and put it in a veggie capsule

    • I like to add it to dips in its raw form like tzatziki, hummus, tahini, etc.

    • When cooking a dish, you can add the garlic right at the end so it doesn’t overcook.

  • Have high Vitamin C foods – Citrus fruits, chilis, papaya, broccoli,, and Brussels sprouts to name a few!

  • Include Nutrient-Dense foods – Liver, Oysters, Sardines might not be your favorite but just a little of these foods are packed with nutrients. Quite simply you get a big bang for your buck with these superfoods.


Unfortunately, herbs aren’t my expertise but some of the common immune-boosting herbs we are including are turmeric, elderberry, and echinacea.

I hope you all find these tips useful

and I wish you all good health!

Please feel free to contact me through the comments below or privately here if you have any questions!

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