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Have a gluten sensitivity but enjoy beer? Read this!

gluten free beer

Even though I don’t suffer from celiac disease, I do have a gluten sensitivity and choose to eat low-gluten. While I thought beer was off the table unless it specifically said gluten-free, I was wrong!

If you are like me and feel like gluten just doesn't agree with but you aren't celiac, read this.  

Being someone with a gluten sensitivity, I avoided beer for a long time!  I didn't enjoy the taste of many of the official gluten-free beers out there so just wrote it off as something I couldn't have.  

While the list of official gluten-free beers has grown leaps in bounds in the past few years, did you know there are TONS of great beers that might not be completely gluten-free but have a very low amount of gluten?

You better believe I was doing a happy dance when I found this out!

We know Most beer is made out of three key ingredients (other than water):

  • Some form of grain (usually wheat)
  • Barley/Malt
  • Hops

Hops don’t have gluten, however, wheat and barley have copious amounts of it, and drinking most wheat or barley-dominant beers will affect you the same as if you ate a couple of slices of bread. But did you know there are a ton of beers that are made with low amounts of barley and gluten-free grains?

Many Asian beers for example tend to use rice instead of wheat and many Mexican beers use corn.  Makes sense as these grains are more accessible to these regions!

For a beer to be officially considered gluten-free it needs to contain less than 20 parts per million (ppm), equal to 20 mg per kg of gluten.  So here is a list of LOW GLUTEN BEERS that are easy to find and won’t leave you with the after-effects of a wheat-based beer!

  • Corona Extra
  • Carlsberg Beer
  • Stella Artois
  • Asahi
  • Kingfisher
  • Tsingtao

*If you do have Coeliac Disease PLEASE avoid drinking beer that is not labeled gluten-free. 🙏🏽

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