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My Go-To Travel Snacks

IT'S SUMMER TRAVEL TIME and many of us are packing our bags and getting ready to hit the road!

When you are traveling long haul and with 3 kids, it's all about the SNACKS!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to depend on airport or airline food so, of course, I bring a bunch of healthy snacks along with me!

This is my fail-proof list and perfect for road trips, boats, trains, and planes! 🚗🛥✈️ 
  1. Spiced Makhana (fox nuts) and nut mix – perfect to munch on while binging on the inflight entertainment.
  2. Foods by Ri crackers (Duh!) – better than the bread rolls or cookies on board!
  3. Individually packed chia pudding – it travels super well and is perfect for a light meal or snack.
  4. Boiled eggs (perfect with some mustard or salt and pepper (which you can get on the flight) and Ri's original crackers.
  5. Can’t go wrong with hardy fruit and veg – 🍎🥕🥒
  6. Trail mix.  Cause who doesn’t love trail mix!  I’ll throw in pretzels and Hu gems for a special treat, but simple mixed nuts and fruit are always a good option.
  7. kallo dark chocolate rice crackers – My kids and I both love these!
  8. Wild Planet Skipjack tuna sachets – another super easy source of protein while traveling!  (Protein & fat keep you the most satiated.)
  9. Hu gems for a chocolate fix.
  10. Simple Mills crackers – my kids love them!
  11. RX nut butter – easy sachets and so yummy!
  12. Terra Creta Olives.  These single-serve packets are awesome!
  13. Homemade bliss balls!  Easy to transport and perfect for a sweet treat!
  14. LMNT Electrolyte sachets – Traveling is super dehydrating and these packets are a lifesaver!

I hope you find this useful!  Would love to hear if you have any favorite go-to travel snacks in the comments!

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