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Hack Your Rice!

Time to make your rice work for you!

I love rice, and I’m sure if you are Indian or come from anywhere in Asia, you know the love is real!

I’m not endorsing you should eat a ton of rice in this post, but why not make it work for you when you do decide to enjoy it!

Here’s whatcha do: ⠀⁠

Add about  1 tbsp of coconut oil for every one cup of raw rice you are cooking, then cool your rice completely in the fridge right after it’s done cooking.

Why do this?? Let’s geek out a little! ⠀⁠

When you cook coconut oil and rice together, the oil binds to the digestible starch in the rice (that’s the starch that turns to glucose). Once bound with the oil, the digestible starch begins to crystallize, creating resistant starch…⠀⁠

Cooling the rice after cooking it promotes crystallization, leading to an increase in resistant starch compared to normally prepared white rice…⁠

So why do we like resistant starch? ⠀⁠

  • It has a much milder effect on our glucose levels (it doesn’t spike blood sugar and therefore insulin)⠀⁠
  • It serves as a prebiotic which feeds our friendly bacteria in our gut.⠀⁠

Double Win! 🙌🏽  

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