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My Go-To Convenient Protein Sources

I can't stress how important protein is, and unfortunately it's the macronutrient many of us struggle to get enough of.

Here are some of my go-to foods for high protein and high convenience!

Cottage Cheese

If dairy works for you (not all forms work for me but this one does) then this is great! Perfect to make dips, add to salad, to whip with fruit for something sweet. 100g gives you  ~10 g of protein.


Such a great source of complete plant-based protein. I like using it in stir-fries, soups, or as a scramble. This is an easy one with ~8g of protein per 100g

Protein Powder

Smoothies can be such a delicious and easy meal replacement if built correctly (check out my guide on the blog). My fav protein powder is Nuzest (use code HEALTHYISHHAPPY10 for 10% off) and each serving is 20g of protein.


Another easy one. Simply add it to your coffee, tea, or any hot beverage dish to add in some beneficial proteins without any taste or texture change. 1 scoop has ~10g of protein.


Full of beneficial fat-soluble vitamins and protein. 1 egg gives you 6g of protein. I usually have 2 eggs + 1 egg white for a total of ~15.5g of protein.

Bone Broth

Use this a base for soups, and stews, or sip in a mug as a snack. 1 cup gives you 10g of protein.

Meat sticks or Biltong

Big protein and convenient. Great for traveling! My go-to Turkey chomps sticks are 32g which have 10g of protein, and New Primal is 28g per stick and has 7g of protein. I recently discovered Chief Bilitong from Chief Nutrition and they pack 10g of protein in their 30g bag.

Chicken chips

My new favorite quick easy way to get a whopping 12g of protein. I pair this with a cottage cheese dip to get a great 20g of protein snack! I found these by Chicky Shake and have really enjoyed them. 


I love tuna as an easy lunch and 100g gives us 18g of protein. I do this as a salad, in a wrap, or made into patties. There are some watch-outs you want to be aware of when choosing a canned tuna

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